Formula 1
‘Feel the need’

Formula 1, celebrating globally the sport’s 70th anniversary, releases a premium eyewear collection, in exclusive collaboration with the specialized glasses company Formuleyes.

Formula 1 Eyewear exudes the excitement, speed, and bleeding-edge innovation that is Formula 1, through a 3-tiered approach –Red-Gold-Titanium; these 3 lines incorporate the powerful and distinctive Formula 1 DNA, the overwhelming passion for every aspect of racing – from its heritage to the mechanics of an engine. It is dedicated to the sports and speed lovers who yearn to live the exciting experience, it is all about pushing the boundaries.

Furthermore, in the frame of its sustainability strategy, F1, being a pioneer for the auto industry, works closely with the energy and automotive sectors to deliver the world’s first net-zero carbon power unit, driving down carbon emissions across the globe.

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