‘Be magnetik’

Expert brand in glasses with front magnetic connection. They are the only glasses with two worldwide patents:
a) strong front magnetic connection made of neodymium with a power of 4,800 Gauss and an anti-oxidation, anti-sweat, and saltwater-resistant coating

b) flexible patented double injection headband that provides the perfect fit to the head.

To ensure the perfect fit, the temples have a patented telescopic adjustment system to prevent friction between the fitting pieces while you adapt your SLASTIK to your needs.

The frame is made by Rilsan Clear G850, a biobased polymer, processed from castor oil, which is resistant to high temperatures, has great elasticity, and impact resistance.

The collections are designed in Barcelona but worn in more than 40 countries.

SLASTIK glasses are innovation, technology and style; they adapt to the everyday life of those who live an active and cool life. They are comfortable, very lightweight glasses and can also fold completely. Prescription lenses are available upon request.

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