About us


Opticomm Hellas is a family owned eyewear company, active in the eyewear segment -import and distribution of Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens, sunglasses and optical frames- since 1972.

At present, at the helm of the company the second generation, continues the upward course, setting new goals, always faithful to the same traditional values such as customer respect, integrity, consistency, reliability.

Today, the company has  further expanded its product portofolio and, in addition to the vast variety of the Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens and Opticomm own brand sun lenses, has developed successful collaborations with international fashion and independent brands as well as two private label eyewear lines, seeking to offer both affordable, modern and reliable solutions to its customers.

Opticomm Hellas is located in the center of Athens in privately-owned, modern facilities.

Our business philosophy is to understand the challenges the optician have to deal with and our mission is to meet their needs as well as the demands of the final consumers effectively, with ‘value for money’ products, through a constant effort to improve our services.

Today Opticomm Hellas represents and distributes the following brands through a wide distribution network:   


  ‘Inspiration made by Carl Zeiss Vision technology’

The fruitful, long-term cooperation (over 50 years) and mutual trust with Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens makes Opticomm Hellas one of their strongest partners worldwide. The Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens collection is available in a huge variety of materials, in more than 120 colors, 4 bases, 5 different sizes (from 70-85mm), internal multi coatings and anti-scratch mirrors, which are accompanied by the Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens authenticity and warranty card. Organic lenses (CR39), Polyamide / Nylon (PA), Polycarbonate (PC) cover different uses and needs of opticians and final consumers.


This wide range of sulens is further complemented by Opticomm Sunlenses, an ‘own brand’ offer.

High quality UV 400 absorbent lenses with the guarantee, expertise and experience that we have been following as sunlens experts over the years.

The collection includes Organic Lenses CR-39, Mineral Lenses, Polycarbonate PC Lenses, TAC Film Lenses available with hydrophobic and super hydrophobic coatings as well as Mirrors with Base 4, 6 and 8.

In addition, there are Polarized lenses available in all of the above categories.

An even more affordable yet good quality proposal, which places Opticomm Hellas among the most important partners for the opticians in V Plano sunlens.


       ‘Wearing a frame should be fun’

The successful and distinctive Dutch brand of eyewear frames was launched vigorously in 2005 and managed to climb to No. 3 amongst the most popular brands in the Dutch optical market! With great attention to details, clear and trendy lines with personality and minimalist retro mood, vibrant yet distinctive colors and extraordinary commercial models, the frames bring out the natural beauty of the eyes as if they were in a painting! Using hypoallergenic materials, stainless steel, Mazzucchelli Acetate, and combining them with unique craftsmanship, ensures high quality, comfort-to-wear, and ‘value for money’ products.

Dutz eyewear, with distribution in over 25 countries, comes to bridge the gap between the ordinary and the modern with a So Dutz philosophy!


    ‘Crowned Independent Generation’

 New Independent design eyewear brand from Milan, the fashion metropolis, totally handmade in Italy, in the heart of Dolomites, with unique craftsmanship and exceptional materials.

Uninfluenced by existing fashion, experiments and creates new generation frames with a simple aesthetic and contemporary design in order to reach clean silhouettes which have a ‘sense of humor’ and fun at the end.

The uniquely designed frames of the collection are made of high quality materials such as surgical stainless steel (SSS) to provide an ultra-light and ultra-thin wearing experience, Italian Mazzucchelli acetate realized with ultimate production techniques and Carl Zeiss sunlenses in certain models.

The brand uses ‘crown’ at its logo, an ancient status symbol of all times, to bring it back over the head of all generation as a statement piece.  That is how the ‘Crowned Independent Generation’ collection is born. Moreover, the collection is accompanied by a luxurious packaging, a multi-use soft case to keep eyewear, cell phone, cards all in one place super protected.

                    ‘Feel the need’

Formula 1, celebrating globally the sport’s 70th anniversary, releases the 1st  premium eyewear collection, in exclusive collaboration with the specialized glasses company Formuleyes.

Formula 1 Eyewear exudes the excitement, speed, and bleeding-edge innovation that is Formula 1, through a 3-tiered approach –Red-Gold-Titanium; these 3 lines incorporate the powerful and distinctive Formula 1 DNA, the overwhelming passion for every aspect of racing – from its heritage to the mechanics of an engine. It is dedicated to the sports and speed lovers who yearn to live the exciting experience, it is all about pushing the boundaries.

Furthermore, in the frame of its sustainability strategy, F1, being a pioneer for the auto industry, works closely with the energy and automotive sectors to deliver the world’s first net-zero carbon power unit, driving down carbon emissions across the globe.


    ‘An all-time-classic eyewear perspective’

The brand Blade specializes in optical frames and proposes an extensive collection for the needs of the whole family. It includes contemporary, elegant, young or more classical styles, with a polished craftsmanship, in a variety of colors and designs, in acetate, metal or injection material which consist a ‘value for money’ selection for ladies, men or kids. Prompt deliveries and service are ensured.


    ‘The stylish way to face the sun’

A wide range of sunglasses that embody the philosophy of the apparel and accessories collections of the brand. The contemporary design, commercial shapes playing with colors, materials and textures, attention to details and production quality are the key features of the Reflet collection for both eyewear and clothing.

Easy to wear, suitable for all occasions, Reflet brand addresses to consumers who desire to enjoy the benefits of a protected vision through qualitative lenses without compromising comfort and elegance and allure. Immediate delivery, affordable luxury.


    ‘Simple eyewear leads to a relaxed, comfortable life’

The brand Eyecroxx is caracterized by is a smart, casual optical frame collection accompanied by respective trendy clip-ons. With simple, linear design, minimalist, qualitative details, light construction for comfort use, Eyecroxx advocates a simple, relaxed and comfortable lifestyle.
A unisex, affordable collection inspired by the needs of everyday lifestyle, for consumers who prefer to wear glasses with a basic classic shape but unique in detail.

 Eyecroxx’s philosophy is to provide its partners with commercial, ‘easy’ models at affordable prices that meet the needs of end-consumers in a win-win long-term partnership.


   ‘Eyewear doesn’t have to be boring’

You’ve come to the right place for exciting eyewear designs, impeccably made, since 1986.

 Located and designed in Miami, Florida, LINEA ROMA Eyewear is currently sold in over 90 countries around the world.

The brand is produced under strict criteria, in specialized factories, according their own expertise. This system enables the brand to offer very competitive and innovative products in terms of price, design and quality. With over 200 frame models being developed per year, you can rest assured that LINEA ROMA is always in fashion.


‘Be magnetik’

Expert brand in glasses with front magnetic connection. They are the only glasses with two worldwide patents:
a) strong front magnetic connection made of neodymium with a power of 4,800 Gauss and an anti-oxidation, anti-sweat, and saltwater-resistant coating

b) flexible patented double injection headband that provides the perfect fit to the head.

To ensure the perfect fit, the temples have a patented telescopic adjustment system to prevent friction between the fitting pieces while you adapt your SLASTIK to your needs.

The frame is made by Rilsan Clear G850, a biobased polymer, processed from castor oil, which is resistant to high temperatures, has great elasticity, and impact resistance.

The collections are designed in Barcelona but worn in more than 40 countries.

SLASTIK glasses are innovation, technology and style; they adapt to the everyday life of those who live an active and cool life. They are comfortable, very lightweight glasses and can also fold completely. Prescription lenses are available upon request.